Interview Preparation and Research

Know Yourself

Knowledge of Yourself: Know yourself in terms of skills, interests, values, and future aspirations
Career Direction: Have well-defined goals, confidence in pursuing a chosen field of interest, and realistic plans for advancement
Communication Skills: Show your ability to deliver ideas, clear and concise answers, and verbal animation
Qualifications: Be aware of and able to communicate specific academic training, leadership experience, critical thinking skills, and extracurricular involvement
Maturity: Demonstrate through poise, optimism, appearance, and tone of voice
Professionalism: Communicate a strong work ethic, high moral values, and integrity
Execute a Game Plan: Prepare to "sell yourself" in terms of relating your interests, skills, and goals
Conduct a Mock Interview: Contact the Career Center to set one up, or with a former employer, or even a friend - practice is the key to success
Don't Memorize Answers: But know how to communicate the contents of your resume and your top reasons for pursuing the opportunity
25 Words to Describe You: Be familiar with them and feel comfortable delivering them in the interview: “I am: motivated, confident, loyal dedicated, a problem solver, a team player, ethical, etc.”

Know the Company: Company Research

Use these forms as a guide for information to gather:

In addition to organization's websites, Google News searches, etc., utilize these resources for more information.

For Profit Organizations:

For Nonprofit and Government Organizations:

Know the Job Description

It is important to know the key elements of the job description so you can speak to how your skills and experiences are a fit for what they are looking for and what your duties will be.