Unsure of Career Path?

Engage in Self Assessment

In order to choose a career path, you must know yourself. Knowing yourself entails identifying your Values, Interests, Personality and Skills (VIPS). To achieve long term career satisfaction it is important to implement all four of your VIPS in your future career. Completing the following handouts and assessments should help you with this process and will offer clues in understanding your VIPS.

Purposeful Career Transitions: Navigating Your Internal Compass: Point yourself in the right direction by using a framework grounded in your values, experience, strengths, and internal wiring.

Owning Your Skill Set: Stand Out in the Marketplace: To successfully get hired, earn promotions, make industry changes, or complete career transitions, you must be able to articulate your full skill set. This webinar provides information on hard and soft skills and gives pointers on how to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.