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Introducing IrishCompass!

IrishCompass is the University’s official online community where you connect with fellow Notre Dame alumni to gain their support and perspective as you navigate your own career. In true Notre Dame spirit, you can also give back by serving as a resource to fellow grads and current students by sharing your own professional experience. IrishCompass supports alumni and current students as they collaborate and grow professionally through group and individual connections. 

IrishCompass enables connections, networking, mentoring and job opportunities in these practical and useful ways:

  • Boost your network - make direct connections with the Notre Dame Family who generously share their professional experience, knowledge and insights. 
    • The platform automatically generates natural connections through an algorithm (via key questions)
  • Mentor - Fulfill the key role of a mentor to alumni or student(s) who aspire to be where you are. They will greatly benefit from your insights and candid feedback!
  • Share your insights - Contribute to the industry specific groups by posing questions or sharing relevant articles and resource suggestions. 
  • Help a student prepare - Indicate that you are willing to help a student prepare for an interview or have a career conversation for 30 minutes.
  • Host a student - Offer on your profile that you're willing to help host job shadows.  
  • Gain valuable perspective - Initiate a mentorship for yourself with another alumnus as you continue your career journey and professional development  
  • Post a Job - Enhance the strength of your organization by hiring Notre Dame talent with professional experience. Post your job opportunities on our job board. 
  • Apply for a Job - Pursue your career goals by searching for your next opportunity on the private Notre Dame Alumni job board

IrishCompass enables you to control the type and frequency of your connections which you can alter as your work flow allows.

  • Set the number of requested meetings for 30-minute calls and number of 3-month mentoring relationships
  • Determine the number mentors/ees you engage with in any given period

Questions? Here are a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions


IrishCompass is brought to you by The Career Center and Alumni Association.