Kate Cover

Events Logistics Specialist

Kate Cover

Education: B.A., Purdue University

Professional Background: While in my last semester at Purdue, I started working for Bankers Life as a recruiting administrator. Upon graduation in May 2015, I was promoted to an Insurance Sales Agent selling life insurance, health insurance, and annuities.

About Me: I am a huge Food Channel fan and love to cook and learn about anything and everything that has to do with food. I also have a pug named Calvin who has turned me into a crazy pug lover. I currently live on a lake so I enjoy kayaking, boating, and anything outside.

Most unusual job I ever had: Being an Agriculture major I’d have to say my most unusual job was an internship that I had at Pioneer where I was working in the returns process, meaning that any corn or soybean seed that the farmers did not plant that season would be returned to us at Pioneer. Once it was returned we would sort out the different hybrids and test them to make sure that they were still useable for next season and were not contaminated. This job was extremely physically challenging because of the weight of the seed corn bags, but surprisingly I enjoyed the challenge.

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? I went to the career center a few times at Purdue to have my resume reviewed but I definitely did not take advantage of all the resources that a career center has to offer. I wish I would’ve asked for help in deciding what I wanted to do with my career instead of just trying to figure everything out on my own. What an awesome opportunity that The Career Center offers for students!