Rachael Roggeman-Zeiger

Employer Relations Specialist

Rachael Roggeman-Zeiger

Education: B.A., Indiana University-Bloomington

Role at The Career Center: As the Employer Relations Specialist, I am on the Employer Relations Team and work primarily with onboarding new employers to Go IRISH. I also oversee all Career Fairs.

Professional Background: I started working for another department at the University in October 2010. In August 2012, I started at The Career Center as the Interview Center Coordinator and in January of 2013 I began working as the Employer Relations Specialist.

About Me: In my spare time I really enjoy reading, cooking, watching reality TV (I know, I'm sorry!), Zumba, being with my family, and exploring new eateries. My family calls me the "Human Jukebox" because I'm pretty good at knowing the lyrics to songs from many different genres, EXCEPT for Country. I'm just not a fan of Country music!

Most unusual job I have ever had: I wouldn't say that this was really an "unusual" job, but my first job ever was being a carhop at a rootbeer stand in Mishawaka. No, we didn't wear rollerskates (I know you wanted to ask!) and I only ever dropped a tray once, but it was on my sister so that's not so bad. She wasn't very happy with me, though. I really loved this job since we got to listen to fun music from the 50s and 60s, be outside, and get to talk to a lot of really interesting people.

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? I wish I would've known to not be so shy around employers, especially at the Career Fairs. Sometimes while waiting in line I would psych myself out and then totally blank when I got up to talk to the recruiter. Confidence is key!