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Many students grapple with the question of whether or not to pursue a graduate degree. For some programs, a graduate degree is necessary to practice in the field. For other programs, there is no right or wrong answer—it depends on the interests of the individual.

Talk with professors in your field to learn more about their personal career path, how a graduate degree could affect your competitiveness within the industry, and the different options available to you.

Questions to consider...

  • Is an advanced degree required to attain my career goals? If so, what level – professional, Master's or Ph.D.?
  • Does my career choice require professional licensing?
  • Will graduate or professional school be more valuable to me after I gain some experience in the field?
  • Will I be more competitive for top programs after gaining experience?
  • Am I ready to immerse myself in an intense study within a specific academic discipline?
  • Do I want the career that the graduate program prepares students to excel in?
  • Do I love the field enough to narrow my studies and obtain an advanced degree?

NEVER be afraid to ask professors or advisors these questions. They were in your shoes once, and know better than anyone what answers and advice to give. 

Are you ready for the graduate school interview?

Some graduate programs require an interview.

Hone your interview skills by setting up a mock interview with a Career Counselor. 


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