What is Career Coaching?

In Career Coaching we:

  • Focus on the student. We are here for your student and what is important to them. We can help them with a wide range of issues ranging from broad career exploration to specific plans for reaching their internship, job, or higher education goals.
  • Are confidential, safe, and supportive. We respect your student's privacy, their values, and their uniqueness.
  • Need your student to participate. In order to make progress your student needs to be an active participant. We can advise them about appropriate action steps but they must be the one to act.
  • Recommend career information resources. Career Coaches have a breadth of knowledge about a variety of career fields, but our main expertise lies in the career planning process. Instead of telling your student details about careers, we can help them find the resources to get the information they need.
  • Recommend tactics and strategies for finding a job or internship. We talk with your student about ways they can discover job or internship opportunities but we cannot provide them a ready-made list of open positions that fit their exact situation.

In Career Coaching we are not:

  • Always a quick solution to your student's problems. We cannot provide your student with a list of employers, graduate school programs, or jobs that are a fit for them. We can point them toward resources for them to develop their own unique lists.
  • Predictive or omniscient. We cannot tell your student what career path is best for them or what they should do, nor do we have a "test" that will do so. We can discuss strategies for exploring their options and making informed decisions.
  • Academic advisers. Your student needs to meet with their department or college advisors for advice about their coursework.
  • A job placement service. The Career Center provides many opportunities for your student to connect with employers in person and online. We do not have a hidden database of jobs or internships for our clients and we cannot make referrals for your student.
  • A resume writing service. Instead we will help your student develop and revise their own resumes and cover letters.