Post Research Opportunities to Go IRISH

Go IRISH is The Center for Career Development's online recruiting system.  All Notre Dame students have access to Go IRISH and utilize the system to find internships, fellowships, full-time positions, and research opportunities.  Faculty and staff may make use of Go IRISH by creating a brief description of their research project and posting it for students to apply.  You can receive and review students' resumes or applications via e-mail or in an online application packet.

In order to utilize Go IRISH to find candidates to assist you with a research project or on-campus job, you will need an “employer” account.  As such, your research project will be posted as a “job.”  In order to ensure that students correctly find and identify your opportunity as a research opportunity, please follow the instructions below.

New Users must register for a Go IRISH account.  Please note this is DIFFERENT than the “faculty” access to Go IRISH.  

  1. Start by following this link 
  2. Choose “Register & Post a Job”.  You will create your user account which can be revisited at any point in the future.  At the same time, you will enter a position description for your current research project.
  3. The first screen you will see will ask you a few questions to create an “employer profile”.  In this case, you will need to make selections that best fit the opportunity you are posting.
  4. First, you will have to choose at least one industry.  Please make a selection that is related to your research or field of study.
  5.  Next to “Organization Name” please enter “University College” (Arts & Letters, Mendoza, Engineering, Science) Research.  (Faculty or staff posting opportunities for their lab should post the lab name here.)
  6. Next to “Company Description” please enter a few lines about who you are or your area of study.  Do not get too detailed here because you will have the chance for a full description of the research in another location.
  7. Under “Services Requested,” all of the boxes are automatically checked.  You may leave as is or uncheck so that only “Job Postings” is selected.
  8. Please complete your contact information and then click “Next” at the bottom of the page to continue.
  9. Now you will enter information about the opportunity for which you want students to apply.
  10. In the “job title” for your position, please include your name after the position title.  For example, “Research Assistant – Professor Smith.”  This label will help students find your listing when they search in Go IRISH.
  11. Complete all sections with a red asterisk and select “Done” at the bottom of the page. 
  12. Your account and posting is now under review.  You will receive a confirmation email once your account is approved. 
  13. Upon receipt of your confirmation email, you will have a set of logon credentials which will allow you to edit your posting or add additional postings in the future.

If you have questions about using Go IRISH, please give us a call.   We’re glad to help!