Natalie Goss

Career Events Associate

Natalie Goss

Education: B. A. Art History, University of La Verne, California

Role at the Career Center: As the Career Events Associate, my role within The Career Center is to make sure events like The Fall Career Expo and the Winter Career and Internship Fair run as smoothly as possible. Anything that you could possibly think of that pertains to event planning, is what I need to anticipate and prepare for far ahead of time. 

Professional Background: Notre Dame, and even living in the Mid-West, is a whole new experience for me. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I developed my passion for Event Planning by working as a Catering Coordinator for Panera Bread. However, I knew I wanted to do things on a much larger scale, so I packed my bags and moved out to work in the amazing environment that is Notre Dame. (Before you ask, yes, I am aware it snows here.) I was able to gain this incredible opportunity to work for The Career Center and I have never looked back. 

About me: I love the outdoors, specifically the mountains. Hiking while breathing in the fresh clean air, the smell of the trees, and the sounds of nature is something I have always enjoyed. Yosemite National Park is my all time favorite place for hiking and taking in the scenery. Art is another one of my passions. Though my own personal talent for the classical arts is very limited, I have always appreciated what other artists have accomplished and mastered. I enjoy visiting different museums all over the world to view art from a range of different periods. A trip to the Art Institute of Chicago is a must! 

Most unusual job I’ve ever had: Perhaps not the most unusual, but working as a delivery driver was definitely the most interesting. I always loved getting to meet new people and seeing behind the scenes of different places was always fun. Waking up at 4am to make breakfast for clients was the not-so-fun part! 

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? Life has a funny way of taking us on different paths, sometimes different than what we may have planned. Embrace the change and go with your gut! Do not be afraid to take chances in your career.