Rose Kopec

Career Exploration Specialist (Advertising, Architecture, Arts, Design, Media & Entertainment, PR)

Rose Kopec

Education: M.S.Ed in Counseling and Human Services, Indiana University South Bend

Role at The Career Center: I am a Career Exploration Specialist with a focus on architecture, arts, design & entertainment.

Professional Background: My career began as a dental hygienist. Although it was a great way to make a living, dental hygiene was not the fit for me. Through a bit of happenstance and informational interviewing, I discovered a love of career counseling (even while cleaning people's teeth).  In 1996 after receiving my master's degree, I began my journey as a Career Counselor and haven't looked back.  With each new challenge at The Career Center, I've grown personally and professionally. Meeting  all the wonderful students, alumni, and colleagues has easily been the most rewarding part of my career.  What a great life!

About Me: It's no secret to those around me that I love music and have attended too many concerts to mention (or the money I've spent purchasing the tickets for those concerts). Doing art is another favorite pastime and it provides incredible stress relief for me. As trite as this sounds, there is absolutely nothing compared to time spent laughing with my family and friends!

Most unusual job I have had: After my freshman year in college (and in order for me to raise money for a "cool" stereo system), I worked in a factory packaging school lunches for the kids that attended parks & recreation programming in the summer.

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? I completely should have studied what I loved - art, art history and political science. I now know I could have done anything I wanted with a bit of self-assessment and grit.