Mary Flynt

Career Experiential Specialist

Mary Flynt

Education: B. A. Ave Maria University, Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics

Role at the Career Center: I am happy to join the Career Center as the Career Experiential Specialist for the Internship Funding Program.

Professional Background: I began working for Notre Dame in the fall of 2013 for the MBA Admissions Office. Before coming to the University, I held short-term positions at 1st Source Bank, Starbucks Corporation, I spent my undergrad days as a waitress, and even painted fences as a second job one summer. In every position, I learned a lot both about the job and also myself.

About me: I love people. We all have a different story to tell, and I find it fascinating to see how one person can collaborate with another, or one industry with another, to result in the ever evolving and fascinating choreography of life. I highly value spending time with my friends and big family. I love coffee, reading, and constantly keeping busy by working through (and always increasing!) my long bucket list.

Most unusual job I’ve ever had: Growing up, I competed and performed Irish Step Dancing. One of our more memorable performances was a short number to surprise Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004, during a morning broadcast show. As a clogging extraordinaire, she laughed at the familiarity of the dance and then joined us.

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? I wish I had known that every career develops. By stressing about my 5 and 10 year plan, I missed the most crucial evaluation: what am I most passionate about now so I can begin developing that area?