Holly Decker

Employer Relations Manager

Holly Decker

Education: B.A. American Studies, University of Notre Dame

Role at The Career Center: Employer Relations Manager

Professional Background: Comprehensive career services experience ranging from a front desk role to Director at a small Catholic University.

About Me: I'm so South Bend I remember when you could drive on Juniper Road straight through campus and right next to the stadium.

 Most unusual job I have ever had? In high school I was a server in the dining room of an independent living facility. An old man and his wife ordered the same meal 365 days a year (egg beaters and plain wheat toast for breakfast and toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup for dinner, sprite with a straw but no ice to drink).

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college? Take advantage of the networking resources as early and often as you can. Chances are, you'll discover more career paths than you could imagine, and you'll find an opportunity well before you feel the pressure of graduation looming. And don't be afraid to commit to an employer, a job, an industry or a location. Your entry-level job will not pigeon-hole you for life. If you are successful, you can make a career pivot at any stage.