Kyle Vierck

Student-Athlete Careers Program Director

Kyle Vierck

Education: M.A. Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University

Role at The Career Center: I serve the student-athlete population, specifically providing guidance and support in their navigating the path from life here at Notre Dame as a student-athlete to life beyond Notre Dame and into the chosen careers.

Professional Background: I have been fortunate to have worked in a diverse cadre of professional environments throughout my life.  Here is a small sampling: Nuclear craftwork, residential construction, higher education student services, and consulting, just to name a few.  Most recently I served as an assistant director of athletics in Washington state, with responsibilities that included event management, development, facility and technology advancement, direct sport oversight, among many other roles.   I came to athletic administration following a soccer coaching career that spanned 14 years.  I also had the honor to serve in the United States Marine Corps, enlisting directly out of high school.

About Me: I am a devoted husband to a wonderful, talented ICU nurse named Trina, and together we team to raise a rambunctious pair of growing daughters, Avery and Callie.  My personal values are Family, Growth and Health, and my global values are Service, Courage and Purpose.

We are very a very active family; both my wife and I do our best Crossfit impression regularly throughout the week, and I am an avid reader of non-fiction.  I love to learn and teach, sharing anything I have to hopefully add value to the lives of others.

Most Unusual Job I Have Had: I did my student-teaching in New Zealand while completing my undergraduate degree, and while there I did a combination of three different jobs to fund my travel once my student-teaching experience was complete: 1) Milk 1500 cows twice a day 2) Pack parachutes at Skydive Auckland 3) Tear down chicken sheds and subdivide land for a contractor.  Finest time in my life from an employment standpoint!

What do I know now about career development that I wish I knew when I was in college?

I wish I had been able to spend more time reflecting on the things that I TRULY value in life, and then have listened closely to them, so that I could choose wisely the path I set out on.

With that being said, I would do nothing over again as each opportunity became a canvas I worked on, and each has been a foundational step to the next.  Set a path, if only to move you forward toward progress, and don’t be afraid to turn from it and start anew.