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 2015 Career Center Internship Funding

If you are taking an unpaid internship or a paid internship away from home in a high cost of living area make sure you look into applying for Career Center Internship Funding!  Any major, any location.  See the Internship Funding section on the website for more information.
With the new initiatives this year in California, there is a new fund specifically supporting students participating in internships in California!

Interested in starting your career in Indiana? 

In January of 2004, the Eli Lilly Endowment awarded the University of Notre Dame a grant to support students who are interested in living and working in the state of Indiana.  In November of 2008, The Career Center again submitted a grant proposal and received a second round grant to benefit our students. Since that time, this grant has provided financial assistance to over 80 graduating students.

In its final year, The Career Center is pleased to again offer graduating students the opportunity to apply for a year-long award consisting of a monthly payment of $400.00 totaling $4,800.00 over the year. These funds are provided to support students as they “get on their feet” financially when choosing to begin their career in Indiana after graduating from Notre Dame.

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